[Solution] I want to scale EPS to 4 MP for Shutterstock!

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Shutterstock用にEPS拡大 アイキャッチ図版

On May 13, 2019, the process of contributing vector images (EPS) to the stock photo service Shutterstock has been changed.

Previously, JPEG images for preview and EPS files were uploaded together, but JPEG images are not required at now. The preview is automatically generated when you upload the EPS. It is more comfortable for contributors, as there is no need to convert EPS to JPEG.

The problem is the dimensions. In the new process, a condition was added that only EPS files of at least 4 MP (megapixel) in size were accepted. Although it is a unit that is not familiar, megapixels indicate dimensions that can be obtained by width * height. For example, width 2000px * height 2000px is 4,000,000 = 4 MP. Files of this size will pass the examination because the conditions of at least 4 MP are cleared.

However, there are few people who draw a vector image for stock illustration so large. If you think A4 is 841px * 595px and A3 is 1190px * 841px, you can see how big it is.

In other words, in order to upload vector images to Shutterstock, the work of calculating the enlargement ratio at which the size of each EPS data is 4 MP or more, actually scaling and then saving will occur like a mountain. This is unreasonable.

Therefore, this time, we will propose Illustrator’s Droplet & JavaScript to scale the size of the EPS artboard to 4 megapixels or more for Shutterstock upload.


Updated 2019.11.19

AppleScript droplet now supports Illustrator 2020. You can download a new version from the same location. jsx and exe are not changed, but they work as they are.

Updated 2019.09.02

Windows droplet now supports Illustrator CS6. You can download a new version from the same location.

Updated 2019.08.18

Windows droplet does not work in Illustrator CS6. Currently, there is no solution, so please refrain from purchasing if you use a droplet for Windows mainly CS6.

Updated 2019.06.06

Script has been updated. If you have already purchased, you can download a new version from the same location.


  1. Added the ability to shrink when larger than 25 MP max
  2. Added Droplet for Windows

Droplet for Windows

  • Support Illustrator CS6 (16) or higher Illustrator (Confirm the operation with CS6, CC2015.3〜2019)
  • Supports Windows 7 to 10 (Confirmed on Windows 7 and 10)

If you drop an EPS file to minimumArea.exe, you can execute a script on those files. Because minimumArea.exe requires minimumArea.jsx, be sure to place exe and jsx in the same folder.

Watch in the video

Tell me the outline

This is a script for Illustrator that automatically scales the size of the EPS artboard to 4 megapixels or more for Shutterstock uploads. The original file is not edited, and the edited EPS file is collectively saved in a new folder.

There are Droplet version made by AppleScript, and JavaScript version.

Which version does this support?

It is as follows.

Droplet version

  • Supports Illustrator CS6 (16) or higher Illustrator (CS6, CC2015.3 to 2019 confirm the operation)
  • Supported macOS (confirmed operation with macOS 10.12 and 10.13)

JavaScript version

  • Supports Illustrator CS6 (16) or higher Illustrator (CS6, CC2015.3 to 2019 confirm the operation)
  • Compatible with both macOS and windows (confirmed with macOS 10.12, 10.13, Windows 8.1)

How does it work?

You just drop the file or select in the dialog and specify the desired EPS file. The script works as follows:

  1. Copy the file to a new folder and open it in Illustrator (the original file is not changed)
  2. Measure the width and height based on the art board, and give an enlargement factor that exceeds the specified size
  3. Resize only those whose size does not meet the criteria
  4. Save with the same options as the original file

Save options do not change from the original data, so in order to pass the review, items other than the dimensions need to be set to pass beforehand. Embedded metadata is retained.

The target size was set to 4.5 MP. It is because it will often fail if it only exceeds 4 MP. In this script, calculation is based on the artboard, but in Shutterstock’s screening, it seems to be based on the bounding box. If there is a space between the object and the artboard, place a rectangle with no fill and no stroke in advance.

Before resize, the layer / object is automatically unlocked and hidden is changed to visible.

To resize, proceed in the order of selecting everything, scale with the scale tool, as you would manually. You can avoid common problems with scripts, such as missing opacity masks. Also, the stroke width, effect, pattern, live corner, etc. will be increased according to the ratio. However, be aware that some effects, such as blur of Photoshop effects, do not follow resizing.

Image of Scale Options

Want to buy!

This script is sold as a Droplet / JavaScript set. Although I have opened in Note and Gumroad, you do not need to create an account to buy.

Gumroad: 27 USD

Note: 2980 JPY

It may be difficult to put out your hand at this price, but please calculate for a moment.

For example, suppose that manual resizing for Shutterstock takes one minute per file.
If the hourly salary is 9$, it would be 9$ for 60 pieces and 27$ for 180 pieces. If you convert 180 pieces, you will get back the amount you paid.
If the hourly salary is 27$, it is 27$ for 60 pieces. It returns with only 60 pieces!

But the best part is that it frees you from the pointless work you do not need to do. Let’s leave the simple work to the machine and put emphasis on the creative part.

This script was produced with the cooperation of @toyotoyo2ro and testers. Thank you very much.

It is prohibited to copy, distribute or sell the script or other files distributed on this site without permission.
We are not liable for any damage caused by their use.
When the script or file is downloaded, it is considered that you have agreed to the above rules.

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